In Deep Contact With Yourself

with Fiona Ballmer (in English)

Dates: September 7., 14., 21. and 28.
Times: 1pm – 3pm Eastern / 7pm – 9pm CET

Course: In this four-week online series, using meditation and embodiment exercises of the Realization Process, through inquiries, breathing exercises and silent sitting we will deepen our experience of fundamental consciousness. We’ll explore some of the gifts of being deeply in contact with ourselves.

  • Being grounded and fully inhabiting our body.
  • Being present and receptive.
  • Experiencing agency.
  • Experiencing love.

This series is an invitation to deeply connect with your beingness, the alive stillness that you are. It is an invitation to make deep contact with yourself, be anchored in your body and to heal and grow as human being having access more and more to all your human capacities. My sessions offer you a space to pause, connect with yourself and the group, be touched and heal.

Optional Private Session: In our private session we’ll work together on specific issues important to your journey and explore which steps will deepen your connection with yourself.

Costs: USD 200.- / CHF 200.- without private session
or USD 280.- / CHF 280.- including one private session with Fiona 50 min

Register: Please write to