Being in the Body: The Deeper Dimension


Our body is a gateway to our spiritual dimension. By living in the inner space of consciousness of our body, we open up to our wholeness – to the dimension in us that is never injured or damaged.

The Body as the Gateway Into Our Spiritual Dimension
The body is neglected or ignored in many spiritual traditions. However, it is exactly this body and “being in the body totally” that can be a direct path to experiencing the ground of being, to experiencing the clear, empty space of consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle writes in his book “A New Earth”: “So your physical body, which is form, reveals itself as essentially formless when you go deeper into it. It becomes a doorway into inner space. Although inner space has no form, it is intensely alive. That ‘empty space’ is life in its fullness, the unmanifested Source out of which all manifestation flows.”

To Live in the Inner Space of the Body
For me personally, to live in the inner space of the body, as it is taught through the Realization Process of spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Judith Blackstone, is the most radical and, at the same time, the most effective way to be in the body. In the Realization Process we are not just aware of our body from our mind, but we feel our inner space, we inhabit our body in its fullness.

To inhabit our body is not the same as being aware of our body or meeting it mindfully. It means to be conscious of our whole inner space, to live in the inner space of consciousness of our body. By doing so, we open up to our wholeness – to the dimension in us that is never injured or damaged.

Relax into the Stillness of Your Being
“Wholeness is not a vague ideal, but a lived experience. It is a potential, inherent in our human nature. To be whole is to be conscious and in contact with ourselves everywhere in our body, to live within our body,” writes Judith Blackstone. We then experience ourselves as the ground of being, as a subtle, unified consciousness, as an alive stillness pervading our body as well as our environment.

By inhabiting the inner space of our body, we connect ourselves with the intelligence that forms the basis of it. We come into deep contact with ourselves, with our essence. Therefore, I invite you to feel and become somatically aware of your inner space. To open up to your deeper dimension of being. I invite you to relax into the stillness of consciousness. Then a deep feeling can arise of coming home – the deep knowledge that everything is alright.

August 2022

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