Finding Inner Stability


We can open to the stillness within and find an inner stability that radically changes our perception of life and allows us to welcome the flow of life.

The Movements of Life
Sometimes we lose ourselves in the movements of life. We then feel like a feather in the wind, whirled around by difficult emotions, our own desires, encounters with people or the demands that life places on us. Feeling constantly on the move or even in inner turmoil without ever reaching a feeling of arrival.

Life means change. Constant transformation is taking place in our inner as well as in our outer world, a coming and going of thoughts, feelings, sensations, encounters, conversations, situations, demands, actions, sounds and images.

The Yearning to Come Home
This constant play of life is wonderful, exciting and enriching. But it’s tiring to only be focused on the ongoing change. It can feel like being a drifting boat on the sea without an anchor. Intense and moving. Sometimes disorienting. Sometimes confusing and threatening. Sometimes overwhelming and lonely. We lose ourselves in the motions of life. And then there is a yearning for peace and quiet, for relaxation, for security and stability, for contact, for being – the longing to “come home”.

But how can we «be» in the midst of constant change and movement? How can we stand in the middle of life and be «at home» at the same time? By rediscovering our inner stability. By coming into deep contact with ourselves. By remembering the dimension of being – the stillness within that is always there. By allowing ourselves to connect with the dimension within us that is constant and eternally present.

Anchored in the Stillness of Consciousness
Beneath our emotions, thoughts and the resistances of our mind and by deeply letting go into our whole being, we can discover a quality in us that is still and in peace with what life has in store for us. We can open into an inner space of stillness that is not disturbed by thoughts, emotions or sensations. A space of stillness that embraces life as it is. A stillness that feels like «coming home» because it is a part of ourselves. Because we are stillness itself.

Experiencing this dimension of stillness and inner stability can radically shift our perception of life. We can embody this alive stillness more and more with our whole being. Then there is a sense of awake hereness. A being present with what is. A vast openness towards life. From an inner stillness we encounter the movements of life. Connected with a joy of being and anchored in ourselves.

December 22

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