The Realization Process

Wholeness is not a vague ideal, but a lived experience. It is a potential, inherent in our human nature.

Judith Blackstone, Realization Process founder

A Path for Embodied Spiritual Awakening and Psychological Healing

The Realization Process is a path for embodied awakening to your spiritual essence and the unity of all existence or nonduality. It’s a path towards healing and growing as a human being and for embodying the ground of your being in your everyday life. Developed by spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Judith Blackstone, it’s a method that consists of a series of embodied meditations and powerful practices including both the body and subtle energies. Over time and with practice, following this path can lead to a radical transformation and deep healing. The Realization Process can be enriching for both beginning and advanced meditators.

Experience the Ground of Being

The Realization process is a path to uncover the deepest dimension of our being. We can experience this ground of being as subtle, unified consciousness, as presence, as emptiness, as luminous transparency or as alive stillness pervading our body and our environment. In the Realization Process, we call this ground "fundamental consciousness" or "stillness." In other spiritual teachings, it's often called "Buddha-nature," "Self," "Pure Consciousness”, "Essence" or "True Nature". The experience of fundamental consciousness appears spontaneously and effortlessly as we deepen and refine our contact with ourselves. The techniques of the Realization Process are exercises, not the realization itself. But they are a direct path for letting go from the core of our being into the dimension of fundamental consciousness.

Being Human and Experiencing the Unity with All Life

Different from most nondual teachings, the Realization Process doesn’t aim for giving up the experience of individuality. Rather we uncover the deepest dimension of our being by fully inhabiting the inner space of our body and making deep inward contact with ourselves. We experience ourselves as human, as individual, inhabiting our body, and at the same time as being the ground of fundamental consciousness, pervading everything as a unity. We feel connected with the people and everything around us – without losing ourselves. This enables deep and healthy relationships.

Being Fully Alive in Our Body

The Realization Process is an embodied path. This means that it includes the body and isn’t just a path of the mind. By living in the inner space of our body, we heal and grow as human beings and gain access to all our innate human capacities. We experience ourselves as powerful and loving beings with the potential to express ourselves authentically and claim our full intelligence. We become present, grounded and fully alive within our bodies.

Healing From the Central Core

The central core is a subtle, vertical energy channel in the core of our body and our entranceway into the spaciousness of fundamental consciousness. It’s called Sushumna Nadi in Yoga and Tantra traditions and the “central channel” in Tibetan Buddhism. By fully inhabiting our subtle core, we experience our wholeness and heal from the core. We gain deeper perspective on our internal experience and our perception of the world around us.

Letting Go of the Patterns that Hold Us Back

The Realization Process Healing Ground is the aspect of the method that can be compared to body-oriented, spiritual psychotherapy. We use subtle practices, release techniques and conversation to release trauma-based constrictions and limiting holding patterns from body and mind. In the Realization Process we assume that in the course of our lives - especially as children and adolescents - we constrict ourselves at the level of the fascia in our bodies in order to protect ourselves in relation to our fellow human beings and the environment. These holding patterns cause us, for example, to hold back our anger or tears, not to feel overwhelming emotions and pain, or they protect us in situations where we experience criticism, rejection or abuse. But they also limit our contact with ourselves and our realization of fundamental consciousness.

Living a Fulfilled Life Connected to the Depth of Our Being

The Realization Process is a direct, profound and powerful path to the realization of fundamental consciousness and the unfolding of our full human potential. This path supports us in living our lives. It empowers us to live in our realization as the alive stillness that we are and to be in deep contact with ourselves and our humanity. It supports us to become fully alive in our body and be present and responsive to the world we live in. It supports us to live a fulfilled life, anchored in the depth of our being.