Fiona Ballmer

I wish you a sense for the stillness that you are. For the unity of all existence, for love, for the flow of life and your boundless power. I wish you a sense for a deep meaningfulness to be alive.

Fiona Ballmer

Fiona Ballmer Wegmann

Spiritual Teacher, Senior Realization Process Teacher, Nondual Meditation, Embodiment and Yoga Teacher, Somatic Therapist

Over many years I have devoted myself to meditation, yoga and inner spiritual work. I’m deeply committed to living my life from the ground of being, embodying the alive stillness that we are, while deeply embracing being human. In my work with others, it’s my intention to open up a space where intimate contact and healing arise naturally.

My classes and sessions are an invitation to be deeply anchored in yourself and open up to your deepest spiritual dimension – the vibrant stillness of consciousness that pervades everything as a unity. I will support you to find healing in yourself, recognize and heal limiting patterns and traumas in mind and body in order to experience wholeness as well as the richness and joy of being. I’m also happy to offer support in integrating spiritual awakening into your everyday life. I offer private sessions, workshops, and classes in German and English, online and in-person.

My Message

Our yearning for wholeness and fulfillment can’t be stilled through our search in the outside world. But we can turn our gaze inwards. We can find a stillness within us, a peace that is already there, but that is often covered up by thoughts, emotions and protective patterns in body and mind. You can awaken and experience this clear, empty space of consciousness. You can remember the ground of your being and come home to yourself. We can experience the oneness of all existence. We can embody our deepest truth in our daily lives.

Radical transformation and healing are possible. We can heal trauma-based constrictions and limiting holding patterns in body and mind. We can awaken, not just on the level of our mind, but with our whole body. Our body is our instrument, our entranceway to the depth of our being. As we become fully alive in our body, as we live in the inner space of our body, in deep contact with ourselves, we experience the innate qualities of our being – love, joy, strength, clarity. We feel whole, grounded and at home in ourselves. We feel connected with the people around us and our environment – without losing ourselves. We live authentic and healthy relationships. We can experience and embody the fullness and depth of our human existence. It may be a journey – but it’s worth it!

My Journey

In my 20s, I earned my Masters in Economics and worked for several years as an economist and journalist. However, life always felt like a struggle and there was a lot of sadness in me. Intense yoga practice brought a new perspective on life and gave my life a new direction as a yoga teacher and traveler on the spiritual path. A challenging kundalini awakening in my late 20’s was the beginning of inner work. Later I retreated from engaging with the “outer world” for several years and put my focus– besides motherhood – on integrating and deepening my spiritual awakening. The experience of the inner stillness, the oneness of all life and the realization of being pure consciousness gave my life new meaning. Over many years, I have devoted myself to intense meditation practice and inner spiritual work.


My awakening not only led me to remember my deeper dimension and shattered some old identities, it also brought to the surface deep wounds, traumas and protective patterns in my mind and body. In order to live anchored in the inner stillness in my everyday life, I was forced to look at my patterns and wounds that had obviously hindered me from living in accordance with my deeper truth. That’s why my spiritual path has consisted of two pillars for many years. The deepening and anchoring into my beingness on one hand, the recognizing, healing and freeing of my limiting patterns and wounds on the other hand.

Besides the teachings of Adyashanti, which were essential to my path, encountering the work of spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Judith Blackstone was a milestone for me. Judith Blackstone’s approach, the Realization Process, brings together spiritual awakening and psychological healing and supports the embodiment of our deepest truth in life. The Realization Process is not about awakening from the mind only, but about an awakening from our whole body. I’m deeply thankful for being able to work and study with Judith Blackstone as well as with my mentor and Senior RP teacher, Roma Hammel. This process has helped me to let go of deep constrictions in my body and mind and to deepen my embodiment of fundamental consciousness. It supports me in becoming more and more connected to the richness of my being in my everyday life – to innate qualities like an overflowing love, joy and inner strength. I’m deeply grateful for this clear and profound path for unfolding our full human potential.

My Everyday Life

I live with my husband and our two girls, a dog, and a cat in Hofstetten, Switzerland, in the countryside near Basel. Besides exploring the realms of consciousness, embodiment and psychology, I love spending time with my family, walking the dog, being in nature, working in the garden, reading books, eating dinner with friends and sewing all sorts of things.

My Teachers

I feel gratitude for all the teachers and spiritual companions that have crossed my path. The most important teachers and companions along the way were Judith Blackstone, Roma Hammel, Adyashanti, Roger Dreyfus, Jon Bernie, Prem Buddha and Eckhart Tolle.


My Trainings

  • 2004 Master of Arts, Faculty of Economics, University of Basel
  • 2008/2009 Yoga Training with Bruno Dietziker, Hatha Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga und Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga, (Yoga Alliance, RYS 500)
  • 2008 Various modules of the Prana Flow Teacher Trainings of Shiva Rea with Twee Merrigan
  • Certified Yoga Teacher YS / EYU since 2010 (Yoga Association Switzerland)
  • 2010 Yoga Training at Lotos Basel (200h)
  • 2018 Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga, Intensive Training with Doug Keller
  • 2020/21 Teacher Training Embodied FlowTM with Salome Noah and Andreas Bartneck (200h)
  • 2021-22 Realization Process Embodiment Training with Judith Blackstone
  • 2021 Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate with Dr. Scott Lyons, Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Nkem Ndefo, The Embody Lab
  • 2022 Realization Process Healing Ground Training with Judith Blackstone and Roma Hammel
  • 2022 Realization Process Empathic Ground Training with Judith Blackstone, Woodstock USA
  • 2022 Realization Process Stillness Moving Training with Judith Blackstone, Woodstock USA
  • 2023 Realization Process Healing Through Embodiment Training with Judith Blackstone
  • 2023 Realization Process Trauma Repair Advanced Training with Judith Blackstone
  • 2023 Realization Process Meditation Training with Judith Blackstone and Roma Hammel, Los Altos Hills/Woodstock USA
  • Since 2022 Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy Training with Lorena Monda, Hiromi Willingham and Julia Corley, Hakomi Institute Southeast US

  • 2011-2022 Meditation Retreats, Silence Retreats and Courses with Judith Blackstone, Roma Hammel, Adyashanti, Loch Kelly, Prem Buddha and others
  • 2011-2022 Inner Work with Roma Hammel, Roger Dreyfus, Jon Bernie, Adyashanti, Carmen K. Stern, Prem Buddha